In order to create a web site, you need 2 things - your own domain and a website hosting plan for it. The domain registration is the actual web address which you enter in a web browser to reach a website, while the hosting space is where your website files will be. These are two tightly connected, but individual services, even though many people think that registering the domain name is enough. Much like the disk space and the monthly traffic features which a given web hosting plan provides, there are a certain number of registered domain names that you can add as hosted i.e. you can have the web content for them in some account even when the domains are actually registered using a different provider. In technical terms, it does not matter if a domain is registered and hosted with the exact same company or is registered with one company and directed to another one - either way your websites will operate in exactly the same way.
Hosted Domains in Shared Web Hosting
The shared web hosting solutions that we offer enable you to host a different number of domain names. In this way, you can select what package to get and how much to spend according to your needs. If you choose to host more domains in the future than the number the current plan allows you to, you can easily upgrade the entire plan or even keep the same one and just add more slots for hosted domain names. If you decide to employ the registration services of another company, you will be able to see the name servers that you have to set for your domains so as to direct them to our cloud platform in the Hosted Domains area of the Control Panel on our end. If you like to have everything in 1 location, however, there's no limit for the amount of domains which you can register/transfer as part of your account no matter the hosting plan that you have chosen. Then you can decide if you'll host them or you will direct them to other existing domains.